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Have Fun in Grad School, Fabian!


Today is the day we say ‘goodbye’ to our lead graphic designer, Fabian. Fabian has been with AnyPromo for the last two and a half years. You know it wouldn’t have been a proper send off without food. Everyone brought in their favorite dishes and dessert to show their appreciation for Fabian’s work. Now, he is joining the ranks of many by attending graduate school; he will be pursuing a Master’s Degree in Graphic Design. Even though we’re a bit bummed he’s leaving, we’re happy that he’s moving forward with his career goals. 

Below are a few words from some of AnyPromo’s team:

Adam - “Thank you for the opportunity to work here!”

Kevin - “Thanks Fabian. Good luck on your next journey.”

David - “A super cool dude with great potential. His skills are through the roof.”

I believe I speak for everyone when I say he’ll be missed. We wish you all the best, Fabian!

Meet Our New Team Member, Daniel!


by Brittani Parker-Berdeguez

We would like to welcome Daniel to the AnyPromo Customer Service team. When he’s not answering phone calls, Daniel is assisting customers via the Live Chat feature of our website. 

Daniel has been gracious enough to give us a small glimpse into his life, by answering a few random questions. 

AnyPromo: What are a few of your hobbies?

Daniel B: I’m a big writer; I love writing short stories! I’m also really big into the online game ‘League of Legends’, and I love to go camping and hiking on the weekends.

AP: Do you have any special talents? If so, what are they?

DB: My only special talent has to be being good at video games. I can pick up any game and play it like I’ve been playing for years in only a few hours.

AP: What is one thing people would not believe about you?

DB: Most people don’t believe that I’m the second oldest out of 12 kids!

AP: Where do you spend most of your time when you access the Internet?

DB: I’m usually on Facebook and Youtube but I also spend a lot of time listening to Radio Lab podcasts.

AP: If you could be a superhero, who would you be and why?

DB: I’d have to be the Wolverine. Not only do I get to keep my good looks for such a long time, but I also get my own line of movies, too!

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Project: Mason Jar

How creative can you get with a Mason Jar?  There are hundreds of different ways to adorn, hack, and utilize these jars of goodness. From storage purposes to lighting and decor, these guys are a go-to item for crafters alike.

We hope we get you inspired to come up with your own projects. We’re featuring 5 of our favorites below—

1) Mason Jar Backdrop (via Kara’s Party Ideas

2) Cocktail Shaker (via Kickstarter)

3) Monogram Lights (via Oleander + Palm

4) Textured Typography (via The Lettered Cottage)

5) Hanging Storage (via HGTV)

We’ve got an assortment of Mason Jars for you to choose from on our own website.  Happy Mason Jar Crafting! — 

Finished Work: This pretty awesome graphic tee will be headed to a FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Team —an organization that aims to inspire children and teens to think, create, and enjoy the fields of science, engineering, and mathematics. Go Team Robokong!
Finished Work: White Tees for “Wellness is Now” — we’re loving the color transition and crossover on them!

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