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Project: Mason Jar

How creative can you get with a Mason Jar?  There are hundreds of different ways to adorn, hack, and utilize these jars of goodness. From storage purposes to lighting and decor, these guys are a go-to item for crafters alike.

We hope we get you inspired to come up with your own projects. We’re featuring 5 of our favorites below—

1) Mason Jar Backdrop (via Kara’s Party Ideas

2) Cocktail Shaker (via Kickstarter)

3) Monogram Lights (via Oleander + Palm

4) Textured Typography (via The Lettered Cottage)

5) Hanging Storage (via HGTV)

We’ve got an assortment of Mason Jars for you to choose from on our own website.  Happy Mason Jar Crafting! — 

#DIY Promotional Giveaway: Gorgeous Greeting Cards


By Fausto Mendez

    If you’re a fan of #DIY crafts for personalized gifts, promotional giveaways and event supplies, you should consider adding a personal touch to your next gift, giveaway or event with gorgeous homemade greeting cards.

    Sometimes, the best (and most affordable) way to say thanks is with a homemade gift, and a #DIY greeting card is perhaps one of the more fun, easier ways to express your creativity in appreciation of a great client.

    This week’s #DIY post isn’t so much a tutorial as it is a source of inspiration. It’s pretty easy to figure out how each of the below cards are made. The key is layering and having plenty of gorgeous materials to work with, including colored paper, colored poster board, foam paper, buttons, cloth, ribbons, printed graphics, pens, plastic pearls, beads, colored pencils, lots of glue and whatever else you can think of. 

    We encourage you to use these designs as a starting point for your own original creations, and if you’re using these as promotional giveaways to thank your business’s clients, sneak in your logo in a tasteful and classy way. For example, a great spot is the inside cover because it allows you to dedicate the other page to your message, and the logo won’t disrupt or distract from the cover.





    If you’re feeling extra thankful, you might even include some custom candies or custom lip balm, which feature your logo and artwork on the wrapper.


    Thanks to Causeway Crafts for the images of the greeting cards and, of course, the creativity behind the card designs. Join the conversation on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ or Linkedin, and stay ahead of the game with an occasional laugh, non-stop marketing advice, free fonts, easy-lunch recipes and more. Brought to you by

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