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Show you care in the right way!

October is coming, and that means it’s time to put your money where your mouth is in showing you are concerned about those that suffer from breast cancer! Many companies and individuals give their time and money to charities to raise awareness and funds to support finding a cure for this terrible disease. But the question is, do you know where all your well-intentioned money is going? 

Anypromo suggests finding your charity of choice at which is, itself, a non-profit organization. Its states it’s mission as:

Charity Navigator works to guide intelligent giving. By guiding intelligent giving, we aim to advance a more efficient and responsive philanthropic marketplace, in which givers and the charities they support work in tandem to overcome our nation’s and the world’s most persistent challenges.

Here you can find a link to CharityNavigtor’s 10 best practices of savvy donorsto help you get started right during this donation season. 

AnyPromo Spotlight on: Brae’s Brown Bags

We love connecting with our customers and even moreso- finding out what drives their pursuits.  We were recently inspired by a young man who is making a positive impact in his community.

Braeden, a 10-year old from Bear, Delaware started his charity last year after winning the 2013 Healthy Lunchtime Challenge.  He went on to attend the Kids’ State Dinner where he met the President and First Lady.  ”Brae’s Brown Bags” or “3B” was his answer to the First Lady’s inquiry as to how he would pay the experience forward.

According to Brae’s Facebook Page, “Brae’s Brown Bags” was started to help homeless and low-income people have a means to obtain healthy snacks and water.  Brae has handed out more than 1,200 brown bags which contain not only some healthy sustenance, a message from Brae and some information regarding local services and outreach,  but now they include books for children.

This past April, Brae was celebrated at the 2014 Governor’s Youth Service Awards Banquet and has recently attended the Leadership Summit in Newark, DE and the Food Bank of Deleware Leadership Day.  Amongst his other distinctions, Brae has written two grants and received awards for both.  He aspires to become an archaeologist and a writer when he grows up.

If you’re in the area, Brae invites you to attend the “3B Summer Celebration” on August 23 in Newark, DE. (Invitation pictured).

We invite you to find out more information about Brae and his wonderful work, by visiting his website: and Facebook Page:

Thanks for your inspiring work, Brae!  We can’t wait for what’s in store for you.

Finished Work: Screenprinted T-Shirts for #BarkforLife Campaign

AnyPromo’s design and production teams love to show off their #finished work. This is just another project of the many, many projects they finalize on a daily basis.

By Fausto Mendez

    Above, our shirt screenprinter is hard at work, decorating a big stack of shirts for the Bark for Life campaign. These specific shirts are for an event this weekend in Southern California, but the Bark for Life campaign is actually a nation-wide cause by the American Cancer Society.

    The events celebrate the life-giving powers of cancer patients’ canine caregivers, though I’m sure other canine fans will pass thru to show their support. Check out the finished shirts below.

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#MarketingMonday: Coca-Cola’s “Small World” Machines Aim to End Wars While Boosting Soda Sales


By Fausto Mendez

    Many brands engage in social welfare as a way to pursue bigger profits, but the reality is the charity ploy often takes a backseat to the profit ploy. In the hopes of reversing that trend, Coca-Cola launched several soda machines that actually have a tangible, instant and witness-able effect on the company’s larger and more charitable goal of world peace. 

    Coca-Cola’s “Small World” machines are soda machines that feature a Skype-like interface, which enables one machine to launch a video call with a second machine as long as the second machine is located in a country that is currently at war with the country of the first machine. To reward users for initiating a Small World session, it offers both recipients a free can of sweet cola.

    The soda company installed the innovative soda machines in some of the busiest parts of India and Pakistan, which are currently locked in a state of brutal war against each other. As a result, a session instantly connects two supposed mortal enemies as they both pursue a good time and a break from the feud.

    The concept is rather cute, and I wouldn’t blame you if you cried during the video. More important to the bottom line, the marketing buzz the campaign continues to generate since the machines launched in late May seems to cover the cost of the free soda and the machines themselves. Furthermore, Coca-Cola has an interest in keeping the peace: warring nations don’t often waste precious resources on the luxury of soda. But the same can be said about most other businesses, so I guess we can all profit from some good-ol’-fashioned peace. 

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