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We Bid Farewell & Congratulations to Breaking Bad’s Cast & Crew


By Fausto Mendez

    It’s been a wild ride, but all good bad things have to come to an end. In the spirit of Breaking Bad's Walter White, let's hustle our asses off and make absurd amounts of money for the rest of the year.

    The end of a really great TV show is really fun and really disappointing at the same time. You grow with these characters. You learn their strengths, weaknesses and everything else about them, and you learn to love them. Then, they’re gone… just like that. For those really great TV shows, such as Breaking Bad, it’s almost like ending a romantic relationship or feeling the withdrawal from a bad addiction.

    We’ll miss the cast and crew. It’s sad the actors will rarely (if ever) share a stage together again. Oh well… I need to catch up on House of Cards anyway, and I’m not finished with Attack on Titan either. What show/book/game will be filling that empty hole in your heart over the next few months?

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