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2013’s Cutest Children’s Halloween Costumes - #GoodMorning

#GoodMorning, here’s some stuff that’ll wake you with a smile; now, get back to work!


By Fausto Mendez

    I know it’s a sleepy Monday, but here’s something to cheer you up. I’m lovin’ Lt. Dan and Forrest Gump, but Batman and Robin have to be my faves. Check out the rest at Tastefully Offensive.

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Pranksters Drop iMacs to Freak Out Mall Shoppers

By Fausto Mendez

    It’s a beautiful, late morning, but it’s still early in the week. I know some of you out there are still feeling the Monday blues, but this secretly recorded video of terrified mall shoppers should cheer you up. Watch as the young comedians at YouTube channel Awesomeness TV drop empty iMac boxes to scare shoppers into freaking out about shattering precious, expensive gadgets that haven’t even made it home.

    This prank could have easily turned into a viral publicity stunt for laptop insurance providers or warranty pushing retailers, such as Best Buy. Imagine the prankster distributing promotional giveaways, such as USB power adapters that are labeled with the insurance provider’s website. It could’ve turned into a powerful marketing campaign, but in its current form, it’s just a damn good prank video.

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Our accountant says there’s always room in the budget for squeaky balls.

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