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Finished Work: Embroidered Polos for Safe Home Systems


By Fausto Mendez

    Our partner is a promotional products retailer/supplier, and the company’s graphic team and production team love to show off their #finished work. This is just another design of the many, many designs they finalize on a daily basis.

   ADT reseller Safe Home Systems reached out to us this month for a set of custom polo shirts featuring the company’s embroidered logo on the left chest and ADT’s embroidered logo on one sleeve. We just upgraded our in-house production team, so we’ve been itching for an opportunity to test our new, state-of-the-art embroidery machines. 


    The ADT logo is a perfect test of our new production capabilities. Though it is a relatively basic logo, the letters”ADT” within the logo cross over each other, making it a difficult logo to stitch for some embroidery machines. But with our state of the art machines and experienced and production staff, complicated logos are not a problem. 

    The above photos are of fresh polos straight off the production line, so you’ll notice a ring around the embroidery. This ring is where the machine held the shirt down. It’s only temporary, and it quickly disappears like a wrinkle would (some customers just wash it or iron it out if they need to wear the shirts ASAP).

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