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Yahoo! Logo Generator Transforms Text to Match Company’s New Logo


By Fausto Mendez

    The Yahoo! Logo Generator has arrived, and it’s ready to transform your company name - or any text phrase - into a logo that matches the style of the company’s brand new, redesigned logo. 

    You may have heard over the weekend that Yahoo! just updated its logo, and whether or not you think the change makes sense or is worth the time/money, the entire Web is talking about it. So it definitely achieved at least one of its purposes: get everyone to focus on Yahoo! This week, the company’s making sure that the spotlight remains on itself by unveiling the Yahoo! Logo Generator, a single-serving website (a toy, really) that matches text to Yahoo!’s logo style.


    The five-minute time waster was developed by Flickr employee Bertrand Fan, not Yahoo!, so it’s not an official Yahoo! project. Flickr being a property of Yahoo!, it’s likely that the Logo Generator is not only sanctioned by the company itself, but it was probably encouraged by the company’s marketing team too.

    However, the story getting passed around the Web certainly makes it feel like a quirky, on-the-fly idea, which is great for marketing, and in any case, it’s an effective marketing strategy that has ensured the continuation of the conversation for at least another week. 

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