3 Ways to Make Your Booth Stand Out At A Trade Show


    Competing with
hundreds of businesses and making the visitors keep in mind 

of who you are is
not an easy job for exhibitors, since you can’t block all outside 

distractions from your customers. How to leave a deep impression to the 

potential customers becomes a huge mountain standing in front of all attendees.

    The following are  some of the
suggestions you may find useful for your next 

trade show:

1.  Promotion

have been an important part of trade shows. 

Nowadays, more and more
companies give away promotional gifts during the 

trade show, but how to pick out
the right promotional products to leave your 

customer with a deep impression?

    One key point is
to choose products related to the trade show topic. 

Thousands of trade shows are
held every year. For computer and technology, 

there are: E3, and CES. For Auto,
there are North American International Auto 

Show, Chicago Auto Show, and Pebble
Beach Car week.  

Gifts fit for a technology show may not be the best choice for an 

auto show.
For example:  a logo mouse mat is one of
the hottest giveaways on 

E3, since most of the visitors are players or game
designers who are working 

with the computer. A logo mouse mat will certainly
leave a deep impression on 

your customers every time they use computers. If you
give away a mouse mat 

at an auto show, it will have less of an impact.  

The following are some promotional
giveaway ideas for different trade shows:

1. Auto Shows: Highway Emergency
, Life Saving Hammers, or  Tire Gauges.

2. Technology Shows: Power Banks,
Mouse Mats, or Bluetooth Speakers.

3. Health Wellness Shows: Hand
, Sunblocks, or First Aid Kits.

4. Environment Shows: Eco-Friendly

5. Office Shows: Pens, Stress
, Notebooks.

6. Entertainment Shows: Sunglasses,
Beach Balls, Frisbees, or Water Bottles.

7 General: Tote Bag, T-Shirt.

2.  Booth Events:

    Instead of
giving away promotional products, we can also add some 

trade show entertainment
to your booths. Doing a demo of your new products, 

hosting a game, or preparing
some water and snacks are good ideas which can 

attract more attention.

3. Social Media:

    Although trade shows are a “face to face” event, this does
not mean that we 

can ignore the people who couldn’t make it to the show.
Staying active on social 

media during the show can help you get found by those
attendees. With QR 

Code (Quick Response Code) technology, you can provide some
QR Codes on 

social media and attendees who scan the code can get unique

Taking pictures of what is going on and updating your new products
on social 

media will be a great help for those who didn’t make it to the show.
You never 

know; maybe they are the real buyer.

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