5 Must Have Mugs in 2015

Whether you run a cafe, non-profit, or a multi-national corporation a mug is the perfect promotional product to get people to remember your name. Whats better than a gift with your name on it that your customer will use multiple times a week? Studies show those that own a promotional mug use it at least 2-3 times a week, some even keep it in their office! Check out these mug styles that will be big this year, and will leave a lasting impression. 

1) Moscow Mule 


The Moscow Mule is by far one of the best looking mugs out there. Hand crafted and made of stainless steel coated in copper, you wont find more unique and artisan drinkware out there. Make a statement with this statement piece. 

2) Pearl Mugs


The Pearl mug is a favorite for hot coca and warm coffee. With its curved shape its perfect for cupping in your hands to keep them warm while you sip! Foster a warm relationship with clients by giving them one of these winter wonders. 

3) Ombre


Ombre is in. Ombre is beautiful. Ombre is just the right amount of elegant and functional. The casual gradient will be sure to mesmerize your customers (and maybe you too, careful!) 

4) Spooner Mugs


Two-tone and ready to go, the Spooner style is a match made in heaven. With its tall shape and its accompanying utensil, the Spooner style mug is perfect for coffee or oatmeal on the go! And you’ll never have to worry about losing your spoon ever again. 

5) Stainless Steel 


Stainless steel will always be a timeless classic, you can never go wrong with it! A double walled Stainless Steel mug is a gift everyone will love and keep around the house! 

2015 is the year of the mug, don’t miss out on making a lasting impression! 

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