5 Ways to Manage Stress – Stress Awareness Month

Our daily demands can be overwhelming and sometimes, we just can’t cope.  Stress can gradually take its toll and take residence in our lives.  Anyone with the following conditions can attest that an extreme amount of stress can be detrimental to health; read: anxiety, insomnia, muscle pain, high blood pressure, a weak immune system, heart disease, depression, and obesity (although a certain amount of Stress can help us with productivity).  And more often, we allow things to affect us when they shouldn’t.

I say, let’s all take the Snow Queen’s lead (–yes, Elsa, the Snow Queen, from the movie “Frozen”) and “let it go” (Har, har.)…

There are also some specific, proven ways (that my coworkers at AnyPromo.com have cosigned) that help us get our zen on and put a stranglehold on this monster called Stress:

Exercise –not only benefits the body but it also plays an important role in achieving a sound mind.  Physical activity – even as short as a 20 minute walk can be a positive experience and help you for the rest of your day.

Spend time with loved ones – It’s never easy to internalize and bottle up your feelings and frustrations.  When we communicate and vent with those we trust—a lot of weight can be lifted off our shoulders.  Our loved ones’ presence and support can be very reassuring and even help us put things in perspective.

Meditating – The connection between the mind and body is powerful.  Meditating- mindful prayer and stillness can help you sustain some sort of balance and help you achieve a greater state of focus and relaxation.

Take some time out for yourself – Indulge in whatever makes you happy and lifts up your spirit.  Read a book, enjoy a cup of tea, take a quiet walk, listen to music, and cherish the moment you can claim as your own.

Remove yourself from the stressor- This is simple.  Even if it’s a project you have to complete or an individual you work with – allow yourself—scratch that– give yourself permission to take a break.  You may even gain some new insight to contribute or you may find yourself with a solution to a current problem.

April is Stress Awareness Month!  We hope you choose to find some time out to make your health – mind and body a priority in your lives.

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