A Couple Ideas For Your Office New Years Resolution.

Let’s face it, we all know half of your coworkers, employees, and relatives are going to go with the same old New Year’s resolution they always do. You know the one, the “I’m going to hit the gym more this year and lose a ton of weight and look great in that new swim suit for summer!” resolution. The one they drop just before the closest sugar-comma inducing fake holiday rolls around.

This year, why not give your employees a little incentive to keep their resolution by starting your own office fitness program? Not only is this a proven method to help your employees stay healthy (thus cutting costs to you in the form of lower health insurance costs for them) but it also boosts their happiness and productivity levels, all for a very minimal cost. When thinking about incentives to get your employess involved in this cost cutting wonder tool, try bribing them with some health related swag gifts! Below you’ll find some of our favorite picks to help you get off on the right foot this year! 

1) Electronic Jump Ropes.


Everyone knows how to jump rope so this one is a simple crowd pleaser. You can carry this swanky little gift where ever you go, even on business trips, so you never miss a day of exercise. Now, jumping up and down for 30 minutes a day is no easy feat, but the calories you’ll burn will make up for the 3 sinful minutes you spent enjoying that second doughnut in the break room this morning. You can order a couple of these gifts by following the link below! See you there! 

Order Your Electronic Jump Ropes Here!



Sun Salutations anyone? Never underestimate the relaxing power of yoga! Not only is it great for balance, posture, flexibility, and your immune system, but it also relieves the stress of a busy work week better than your common stress ball! You and your employees will love the lunch time/after hours work outs you can get with just this simple mat and an easy to find yoga instructor! Plus its a great way to meet someone to fulfill those with more romantic New Years resolutions! Get balanced with the link below! 

Get Fit And Flexible With These Yoga Mats Here! 

3) The Shake-It-Up Salad set.


Okay, we all know how hard it is to stick to that New Years diet, especially when it’s a diet based on that evil, leafy dish of green we call a salad. This little ingenious cup can help with those pesky excuses for why today, and yesterday and the day before that, were cheat days. You can even institute an incentive for employees that bring their cup to work each day filled with a salad or other yummy nutritional snack like granola or yogurt. Look at it! It even comes with a fork and a dressing cup (size for portion control to boot!) Consider keeping to that diet now on easy mode! Order with the link below if your interested! 

Salad to go? I think so! 

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