Ace Your Interview!

by Brittani Parker-Berdeguez

So, you’ve just graduated from college and you have your shiny new degree at your side. Now what? For most recent graduates (including myself), the job search ensues. If you were ahead of the curve, you would have begun that search at the beginning of your final school term. But sometimes, things happen and we’re unable to get that head start. When you finally land an interview, you find yourself like a chicken – without a head – because you know you have to perform, soon. Interviews can be completely nerve-racking but they don’t have to be. AnyPromo has got you covered.

1) As soon as you pull into the company’s parking lot, YOU’RE ON. Even though you haven’t stepped foot into the building, people are watching you. Not in a creepy, stalker way but in a let’s-see-the-whole-package way. They’re observing you to see if you’re someone they would want to represent their company. 

2) STAND when the interviewer walks into the room and be the first to SHAKE his/her hand. Be sure to make EYE CONTACT, too. This shows confidence, as well as respect. 

3) SILENCE your phone. One of the worst things that could happen right when you’re rounding third plate is your phone ringing or vibrating. A phone left on reeks of rude and the interviewer may mentally dismiss you. In addition, you don’t want anything to detract from your “self sell”.  

4) DRESS the part. You would be surprised how many people do not pay close enough attention to their physical appearance on interviews. I, myself, have seen people show up to interviews in the most wrinkled jeans and dingy flip flops. Dress professionally, unless the interviewer discourages it. You don’t have to make it a red carpet affair but dress like someone YOU would hire.

As I stated, earlier, I was in your shoes. But if you make sure you’re prepared, everything will go just fine. And always remember to be yourself!

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