American Wine Appreciation Week was set 21 years ago for February 21-27, 1993 to officially recognize the contributions of wine grape and fruit growers in the United States.  

(Link to the Proclamation: Proclamation 6530 – American Wine Appreciation Week, 1993)

As for us, we really don’t need an official declaration to pour ourselves a glass of our favorite wine (we love our occasional glass every other night or so).  And for the wine enthusiasts in your life, we’ve compiled some of our favorite (customizable!) products from our site (1-9):

  1. Round Wine Stopper
  2. Vineyard Wine Tote
  3. Neoprene Wine Coozie / Wine Case
  4. Belgio Wine Opener
  5. Leeds Classic Wine Opener
  6. Clear 3.5 Oz. Sampler
  7. Grape Stress Reliever
  8. 5 Piece Gourmet Set
  9. 3 Ply Coin Edge Beverage Napkins

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