CES and the Promo Industry.

By: DB Daniels

The Consumer Electronics Show is wrapping up its annual showcase of amazing new gadgets today and this year has been one of the most impressing. From self parking cars, the latest in VR tech, and drones that follow you while filming on their own, the future looks like its getting closer to what we were promised in those Back to the Future movies so long ago (hopefully without the fashion trends though.) But what do all these changes and advancements in the tech industry mean for those of us in the promotional products industry and our customers?

With the advancement in tech we can expect to see more and more technology becoming second nature to use. Most of us will leave our wallets at home before we leave our cellphones and that will slowly become the norm with other things. With the internet of things becoming a reality the promotional products industry will have to reinvent itself to stay relevant. It’s not hard to see a customer calling in looking for a pen that will connect via wifi or blue tooth to a tablet or laptop and store digital copy of their message for them for later. Maybe it will be someone looking for a new smart watch to brand with their logo to give away. 

What ever the changes may be, we in the promotional products industry are already behind. It’ll be easy for the first company to catch up with today’s tech world to grab the lion’s share of the market in the coming years. As technology marches on and becomes a necessity to everyday consumer life, hopefully, we will march in lock step every inch of the way to serve our customers needs. I’m personally looking forward to the day when promotional products push the boundary past the digital divide and we start to see things like custom virtual products of things like Google Glass or Oculus Rift, or include products that send branded motivational messages to our smart watches as we work out via wifi.

What ever the future for promotional products looks like, its full of bright possibilities.  

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