Count Down to the Count Down!

It’s that time of year again folks! The leaves are changing color, birds are flying south for the winter (besides the delicious ones that you’ll see on your table next month), the dreaded holiday season is closing in (Say good bye holiday bonus check), and your down to the last few pages on your calendar! So what are you going to do? We’ll if youre anything like your customers, you’ll likely be going out to your local Walmart right about now to buy yourself a new Calendar. But no one buys calendars anymore you say? Well that is where you would be oh so very very wrong, and here is why!

       1) The printed calendar is one of the most ubiquitous items in the American home.
According to a study done by PPAI, 8 out of 10respondents have a printed calendar in the home, and 75% had a printed calendar in the Kitchen.

2) 1 out of 2 people who responded have never used the calendar on their cell phone. Whats more, nearly 4 out of 10 respondents have never used a computer calendar.
With how omni-present cellphones are these days, everyone has a calendar at the tips of their fingers, yet most people don’t even think about using the calendar in their pockets and instead go for something more physical.

3) 92% of respondents say they would keep an advertising calendar and 82% say they would enjoy receiving one as a free or complimentary gift.
Calendars are always useful if given at the right time. Think back to the last time you got a free calendar, what did you do with it? If you’re like the rest of America you took it home and pinned it up, letting the person that gave it to you advertise to you all year long!

4) 74% of respondents could remember the name of the company that gave them a calendar, almost half of which had a more favorable impression of that company.

There’s nothing better than getting something that you’ll use daily for a whole year or more for free is there? So why wouldn’t you think better of the company that gave that gift to you!

Its a known fact that most calendars for the new year are bought in the months of October through December. Statistics say you’ll buy one during one of these months as well! So why not jump the gun and get your message out to your customer for the whole of next year, and at little cost to you to boot? With a million different types of Calendars to choose from you can advertise to your customers 365 days a year in their home or office space. Below you’ll find a few of our coolest picks, just click the link to be taken right to them!

Wall calendars

1) Chalkboard Calendar


This Chalkboard calendar allows you to write all your reminders on it in chalk! Who doesn’t love writing in chalk? Probably anyone that doesn’t want chalky hand prints on their pants but that’s besides the point!

2) Soft Touch Discoveries 


Now this one is really trippy! It’s a calendar that’s soft to the touch! Each picture has a soft touch to it which will probably have your hands busy for longer than they should be. 

3) Space Triumph


Now this has got to be one of our favorites! It’s a space calendar….that glows in the dark!!! Not only do the pictures look awesome during the day but they look absolutely stunning at night too!

Desk Calendar

1) Dragon Desk Calendar


Celebrate the year of the dragon with this inspired desk calendar with a cute little dragon pop up! 

2) Building Blocks


Let’s hope Lego doesn’t sue us for this one! These cool little calendar blocks are buildable, stackable, and fun to knock down just like Legos but without the foot crippling pain if you step on one in the middle of the night (haven’t we all done this once?)

Interesting finds

1) Die cut 


These cute things are just plain fun! Perfect for hanging on the wall or the cubicle at work! These are totally unique as well, making sure you’ll be remembered for giving them as a gift! 

2) Scratch off


How can resist a scratch off item? Even when you get junk mail with a scratch off you know you have that itch till you give in, even if you know you wont win anything. With this Calendar at least you know you’ll win a cool quote or fact! 

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