Is It gray or grey?

Is It gray or grey is one of the most common questions when it comes to misspellings in the English speaking world. How many times have you written out “gray” only to rub the “a” out of existence with your eraser and replace it with an “e”? We know many of our staff have done the same! 

The truth of the matter is is that both are correct! It’s all a matter of preference. While grAy is more often used in the United States, grEy is more often used in the United Kingdom. 

Interestingly enough though this only applies to grammar and spelling, as according to, Grey and Gray are two different color swatches! Most people in the US and UK think of grey as silver, while gray is thought of as the scale between black and white. 


According to an article by the establishment of the difference in spelling between the UK spelling and the US spelling can be traced back to dictionaries from as early as 1867. In the UK “gray” was the championed spelling till the early twentieth century, when “gray” took its place as the common spelling. 

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