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This weekend we remember those who have fallen to fight for our freedom. I can’t be more proud to say that the United States of America recognizes this day as a national holiday. We should appreciate the history of our developing country, and how fortunate many of us are to be alive.

Whether you’re attending a parade hosted by your city or going to a family barbecue, you’re bound to be enjoying the long weekend. This weekend is also known to unofficially be the start of summer for many Americans. Parties, weekend trips, and barbecues are in store.

On Memorial Day, my family and I honor the men and women who have died while serving. I learned how important Memorial Day is after growing up with a veteran father who knew a few fallen soldiers from the Vietnam war. Although, aside of celebrating Memorial Day, my family and I celebrate my mom’s birthday for the weekend since it always lands on Memorial Day weekend. It’s like a whole weekend of festivities just for her. Oh, but don’t get me wrong, I love to spoil my mom!

Wherever you plan to celebrate Memorial Weekend, I want to give you a few tips of our three favorite promotional products. These are items you will definitely see over the weekend that could be used for the summer months to come! I’ll help you stay alert as to what is trending. Today (5/25) until 11:59pm PST Saturday (5/27), you can get 15% on all your orders. You’re welcome! Use code MEMORIAL15E !

Our Top 3 Trendy Products You’ll See This Weekend

These products are definitely being used this weekend. Not only that, they are trending items that could be used ALL…SUMMER…LONG!!
Malibu Sunglasses
Item# 676449

Malibu Sunglasses

Of course! Sunglasses are a must when going outside on a sunny day! I kid you not I have 5 pair of sunglasses, for stylish purposes, and for prescription purposes. You can always win a customer’s heart with sunglasses. Men love to have these as a giveaway, and I’m sure it’s because it makes them look more cool…right? Anyways, having sunglasses as your next promotional giveaway in the summer will definitely be a win! Make the spectacle choice and shop for sunglasses now!
Patriotic Tote Bag
Item# 731027

Patriotic Tote Bag

Of course you need something to carry your beach towels, extra clothes, sunblock, etc. Are tote bags not used for that? Of course they are! Or maybe you want to use it to carry your barbecue items? That works too! Whether you choose between our Patriotic Tote Bag or another bag from our wide selection of tote bags, your promo code will still apply! My favorite thing about the Patriotic Tote Bag is that the patriotic artwork is already included, so you don’t have to worry about paying a little extra for this artwork. This tote bag could be seen this Memorial Day weekend, and our upcoming patriotic holidays, Independence Day and Veteran’s Day. Buy yours here!
16″ Patriotic Beach Ball
Item# 657199

16″ Patriotic Beach Ball

It’s not any fun without a beach ball. You don’t even have to be near the water, and you’ll see the beach balls! During this weekend, I’m sure you’ll find them in the air at a baseball game, or at a family barbecue. I know my family has one of these and we substitute it when we can’t find a volleyball to play with. Beach balls will never go out of trend for holidays and, of course, SUMMER! These are great to give at your next event. I’m 100% sure they will be used, but that’s the child in me speaking. Give these away at your next event to see them all summer long! Shop today!


Think of me when you see sunglasses, tote bags, and beach balls this weekend. You won’t want to miss giving these trendy promotional items in the summer! Don’t forget to use our offer code MEMORIAL15E.

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