#MarketingMonday – Google’s 10-Day Panda Update is Here


By Fausto Mendez

    Google’s search-algorithm updates sometimes occur too fast, causing some sites’ search ranks to undergo drastic changes, but Google’s latest Panda update is occurring over ten days. More importantly, the rollout has already started! Are you ready?

    Google’s new 10-day Panda update started last week, and it continues throughout this week. Like all of Google’s search-algorithm updates, it’s hard to know exactly what’s changed, but SEO experts around the Web are already commenting on their experiences with the updates.

    Search Engine Journal’s Adam Morgan witnesses the following effects.

1. Impressions have risen, but click-through rates (from SERPs) have remained steady.

2. Rankings for informational sites, such as Wikipedia, have been hit hard.

3. Sites with high authority will rank better in SERPs.

4. Sites using Google+, such as authorship markup and Google +1 sharing buttons, are seeing some nice effects.

    Remember that Panda’s ultimate mission is to…


    So you’re best chance of surviving any Panda update is to use white hat SEO techniques and to follow Google’s best practices guidelines. Seriously, quit that black hat stuff! 

    It may be a few more days before your site feels the full impact of the new update, but have you noticed any major changes in your search rankings yet?

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