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Hey there Promobots! Welcome to another installment of your favorite series! This week we’re going over to the production side of Anypromo and introducing you to David! He’s the mastermind behind the embroidery work for all your apparel orders and you best bet he knows what he’s doing! From 3D effects for that pop you need to satin stitching for a silk smooth finish or that fill stitch to give you the fullness you’d expect, David is the guy to get it done and get it done fast! So let’s get to it! 
Name: David
Title: Production Assistant
Subtitle: David #1


Q: What is your favorite color David?

A: Green.


Q: Straight forward answers! What is your favorite quote and why?

A: Martin Luther King’s I have a Dream speech.


Q: I’m sure that tops the list of quite a few people so you’re in good company! So what is your all time favorite food?

A: I have to go with sword fish.


Q: That’s a bit exotic isn’t it? That raises the question, where were you raised?

A: I’ve been raised in a few different places, should I list them all?


Q: No not all of them, we don’t wanna be here all day! Haha but tell us what has been your favorite place to live?

A: I don’t know if I can chose a favorite, as long as I can spend time with my family and friends, I’m happy where I’m at.


Q: Family and friends can be the key to happiness for sure! How long have you been working for Anypromo?

A: I got hired on Halloween in 2013, so almost a year.


Q: Must have been a pretty good Halloween day for you then! What are a few of your Hobbies or skills?

A: I like to go camping, hiking, and I love to write or read.


Q: so what’s your favorite genre of book, to write or to read?

A:  My favorite genre is a tie between fantasy and science fiction, and I write the same kind of fiction as well.


Q: Whats something about you that would surprise people?

A: I’m an Eagle scout.


Q: Whats one of your favorite movies/tv shows/video games?

A: Lets go with dark victory for a movie, elementary for a show, and portal for a video game.


Q: Well I think we can tell you like puzzles! Tell us a little bit about your life before coming to Anypromo.

A: before I worked at Anypromo, I was a senior in high school.


Well another week, and again another employee! Man how many people do we employ here!! Looks like we’ll see you again next week, same day Promobots! Till then keep tuned for those deals and all the cool posts we make! 

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