Need a Stylus?

Ever had one of those days where you were so busy you tried to use your pen as a stylus? Maybe you you just wished that your pen could double as a stylus so you wouldn’t have to keep switching from pen to stylus and back while working on a project. Or maybe you find yourself in constant need of a screen cleaner at the end of the day. If you’ve ever thought about these things chances are your customer has too, and we have a solution for you! 

Introducing our extremely popular iWriter series! These ingenious ball point pens all come with a stylus tip perfect for use with any touch screen device you have at home or in the office. Make sure your customer remembers you every time they pull out their phone, ipad, or sit in front of their touch screen computer with your imprint emblazoned onto one of these combo pens. With rock bottom prices and more color and style choices than you could ask for you’ll get the most bang for your marketing buck with these! 

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