So you want to be a hipster?

With hipster fashion dominating the scene this year you can bet the in thing in 2015 is going to be everything hipster. From overalls and wide brimmed hats to floral prints and minimalist watches, everyday fashion is being positively flooded with this relatively young style. So whats your average, suit-and-tie, business person to do? Well here are a few items you can kick next year off with to get that start-up hipster look to compliment your companies fashionably classic brand image. 


                                 YOU GOTTA HAVE SHADES!image

Having the right kind of shades is rule number one. No self respecting hipster would be caught dead without their trust pair of sunglasses, and you should be either. With different styles to choose from and a cheap price point, you can change your look up every day of the week to keep that fresh feeling going. Tortoise shell, two-tone, matte, the style choices are endless with this accessory and, best of all, its probably the most practical item you’ll buy all year!

                                  Check out all our styles here!



Minimalist watches that do a lot are in. So whats better than a watch that’s got local and world time in one handy (we’re not sorry for that bad puns) place? Stylish, simple, leather, white or black to match every outfit. This watch his it all in one tiny package. Hey, its even water resistant, you know, just in case you need help with your synchronized swimming. And lets face it, what business person, hipster or otherwise, doesn’t need to know what time of day it is in Dubai when they’re out to lunch?  

                                 Would you prefer the black?

                                             Or the white? 

                                 DON’T FORGET THE STACHE!

The most important thing, of course, is the iconic hipster mustache. Guy or girl, it is obligatory for you to have one of these! Think of it as your official hipster ID card; without it, you aren’t getting into the club tonight folks!

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