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Hey hey Promobots! We’ve got a treat for you today! Welcome to a brand new series by our very own fashion mess and resident illustration artist Jeanette. Today she has a cool and fresh article on what’s in this season when it comes to bags, and purses are OUT! Enjoy guys and gals! 

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Purses are outdated, they’re clunky, too small, and everyone has the  latest purse that’s "in" when yours isn’t. Currently one of my obsessions is backpacks; they are so much easier to move with, hold more of your stuff (including your flavor of the week purse), and they’re so easy to customize! They’re perfect when your out shopping, enjoying a walk down Venice Beach (it’s Venice or nothing for me) and you can find so many unique and inexpensive backpacks to match every style. Drawstring backpacks are currently some of my favorite types. The cool thing about these awesome bags is that you can easily print whatever you want to fit the style or theme that most defines you, things like a favorite brand or quote. Whatever it is, it’s sure make a statement while keeping all your belongings safe and out of your way!


Sports Gear for women has been another thing I’m sure you’ve been seeing in the magazines, fashion blogs and online websites. It’s a perfect combination of comfort and casual (or comfycasual, as I like to call it.) It’s an effortless style that makes you look trendy and chic. Pair your favorite shoes with a big jersey and throw yourself a clear backpack and you’re set! The cool thing about a clear backpack is that you can see exactly what is inside your bag without having to dig in; no more wondering if you forgot something then digging around for a half hour trying to find it! Since the bag is clear, any colors or prints you have on the inside with show, essentially giving you unlimited ways to stylize your outfit for the day! Plus, clear bags are great for game day and getting through airport screening faster, for those fashionistas that are always in the air! There’s nothing more unique than this guys! 


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There you have it folks! Your Fashion tip of the week! You can get more tips and tricks from our fashion guru on her website

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