The Promotional Product Favored By People in Different Region of US:

Outwear: AZ, IA, CT, DE, KY, MA, ME, NC, NJ, PA, UT, WY.

T-Shirts: FL, SD, RI.

Umbrellas: LA.

USB Drives: CA, MO, NH, NM, NY, OK, OR, VA, DC.

Writing Instruments: GA, ID, KS, WI.

Desk Accessories: TX.

Drinkware: AR, MI, MS, OH.

Health & Safety: NV, WV.

Bags: NE.

Performance Wear: AL, IN, MN, ND, TN, VT, WA.

Power Banks: CO, IL.

Calendars: MT.

Polo Shirts: SC, MD.

(data from asi)

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