These Aren’t Your Grandparents’ Business Card Holders

by Brittani Parker-Berdeguez

Some of us lose our sense of individuality when we join the corporate world. We become little machines that fuel up on iced lattes in order to crank out several Excel spreadsheets, and send status updates to our managers via Outlook. To maintain touch with the outside world, we need to shake things up a bit. Exhibit  A:  a unique business card holder. Put one of these babies on your desk and it’s guaranteed to spark an interesting conversation. In addition to garnering tons of “oohs” and “aahs” from visitors, it will help you to remember you have interests outside of the office. 

Below are just a few I thought were pretty neat. 


For all the die-hard Nintendo NES fans out there (found at The Closet Entrepreneur ).


I didn’t forget about you fancy people – this is just the touch to personalize your desk. Don’t be surprised if people have their pinky fingers up, while reaching for your card (found on Pinterest). 


This card holder is definitely unique. It’s also a great idea that it’s specific to the line of work the individual is in (found on Pinterest).


These card holders are sure to dress your desk up and add a bit of glamour to the otherwise humdrum office space (found on Pinterest).

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