Tis the Season….FOR MUGS!

The holiday season is quickly approaching and with Christmas carols and snowy nights comes one of America’s favorite drinks, hot cocoa! And what better to drink your hot coco out of than an awesome promotional mug? But how do you make your mug really stand out against all the mugs you can find at your local Walmart? Well how about a few different, and mind blowing, imprinting techniques? Below we’ve listed a few of out favorite glassware artwork trickery methods that make for an awe inspiring cup of cocoa at night!

  • Custom Glow

One of our personal favorites is the custom glow! Give your cup that special touch with a hint of tint! With a partial glow, frosted glow (this authors favorite option), and a full body glow you have plenty of ways to customize your item. Simply pick a clear glass cup, your favorite color, and sit back and enjoy the beauty! Below you can find a few examples of what each option looks like! 


Custom Glow


Frosted Glow


Full Glow

  • Sublimation

Want something in full color? Sublimation is the way to go! This option is only available for ceramic mugs but it allows you to place a full color image (like those family holiday greeting card photos!) smack-dab on the cup for all to see! Sublimation  uses  a special ink, transfer paper, heat and pressure on a specially coated mug to transfer your image directly on to it for a lasting, vibrant, look. Sublimation should only be used with white or lightly colored ceramic mugs and hand washed only to avoid fading. Take a look at some examples below!


  • Disappearing ink

Another one of our favorite options! Disappearing ink is as cool as it sounds! Temperature controlled, as soon as the outside of the cup reaches 120 degrees the ink causes the imprint on your mug to change. The ink can be used to hide all or a portion of the non-changing ink so that it will become visible only after heat is applied. This method is only available on ceramic and porcelain items and only available in black. You can watch a video of this ink in action below!

                                       Disappearing ink!


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