Today, we’re introducing our Vendor Relationship Manager, Alicia Servin, who is celebrating 12 years with AnyPromo!  Alicia took some time out of her busy schedule to share some of the insights she’s gained from her role and as our resident coffee fiend, reveals which coffee mug she favors over them all.


What’s the most rewarding part of your job at AnyPromo?

“I must say the best reward is reaching a goal.  You need to set goals along the way, no matter how big or how small they are and work towards it every single day.  Once it is reached the feeling is so rewarding.  Meeting sales goals are of course rewarding; however, meeting high standard customer care services are weighed in just the same way.  I want customers to leave with a great impression of AnyPromo. Having a customer return and place a repeated order is rewarding as well.  It does not matter if the order is too small or too large, what matters is that they returned and that means we are doing something right!”

 Quote I can relate to:  “After every call, no matter how well you did- even if you closed a million-dollar deal- ask yourself how you could have done it better.”


What are your favorite gifts to give / most meaningful gift you’ve received and why?

“I really enjoy giving something to someone that is useful. I want to know my money is being used wisely.  Personally I like to give away Wearables.”

 “My beautiful two children [mean the World to me]!!”


If you could choose one promo item to market/promote yourself— which one would you choose? and why?

 “There are too many promotional items I can think of.. but I must say the one I use the most and must have is my Coffee Mug!  This is used daily and I love it, especially Monday mornings!”

[Below is Alicia’s personal favorite.  You can find the mug on]

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