Top 10 Promotional Products Marketing Trends for 2016 (Part II)


With the New Year upon us; Health and Wellness promos will make up a large

part of the marketing we’ll see in early to mid 2016. Now that we’ve seen our

Trending Tech items in Part 1 of our list; Lets take a look at a few hot healthcare

promos we should expect to see on the rise:

1 Shaker: Measure your personal fitness success by the Shaker bottle! This

fitness inspired trend is still on the rise and making its way into fitness routines

all over the globe! As effective as it is unique, the shaker bottle is a great way to

mix protein and meal replacement drinks while on the go, but it’s also handy for

mixing other ingredients. Such as: pancake batter while camping, mixing salad

dressings, and marinades, or just using as a spare water bottle when needed.

Just add your ingredients, snap on the tight lid, and shake until desired

consistency! It’s easy to use and convenient for on-the-go use! Shaker bottles

are great gifts for: Fitness Events, Gyms, Fundraisers, Health Fairs, Restaurant

Openings, and Thank You Gifts. Studies show that fitness goals are more easily

obtained when you have a steady routine to follow. Health and fitness tools, like

Shakers, are a convenient and affordable way to help your customers achieve

their fitness goals and they’ll remember who was there to help them succeed!

The Shaker bottles aren’t only for protein, but can be used with additional

healthy alternatives; making them a front runner for easy marketing promos!

Order your custom shakers for your next promotional event now!

2 Yoga Mat: Yoga Mats play an important part in effective daily fitness routines.

Yoga Mats provide a stable, non-slip surface for your exercise area and yoga

practice. Perfect for home or studio use, our Yoga Mats provide additional

cushioning to help protect your joints and are designed to keep you comfortable

during your physical activity. Fitness professionals rave about this promo trend

all year round! Yoga Mats are most commonly used for: Gym Classes, Sporting

Events, Spa Retreats, Trade Shows, New Year Gifts, Fund Raisers, Insurance

Companies, Corporate Gifts, and Doctors Offices. With the New Year upon us;

fitness routines will be kicked in high gear and Yoga Mats help to make the

transition of a new fitness regimen more comfortable for your body. Make

marketing easy this year by branding your new Yoga Mats with your custom

logo to help your customer kick off their New Years health resolution!

3 Jump Rope: Promote healthy living with a fun-for-all-ages Jump Rope. The

benefits of this simple, yet complex training technique ranks as an ideal brain

exercise, bone builder, and as one of the most efficient ways of improving

cardiovascular fitness in as little as ten minutes a day. Jump Ropes offer a fun

and creative promotional item that also serves as an ice breaker with potential

customers. Jump Ropes are most commonly used for: Gym Classes, Sporting

Events, Schools, Kids Birthday Parties, Spa Retreats, Trade Shows, New Year

Gifts, Fund Raisers, Insurance Companies, Corporate Gifts, and Doctors

Offices. Jump Ropes make for a fun and inexpensive party favor for children

parties, but Jump Ropes also serve as a tool for those customers who may be

fitness enthusiasts. This exercise is also appropriate for a wide range of ages

and fitness levels, making it a universal interest. This classic promotional item is

a marketing staple for any company trying to emit health or wellness for their


4 Gym Ball: Gym Balls are an affordable fitness trend that you don’t want to

miss out on! From Physical Therapy, Home Workouts, Pilates, & Yoga, to

Personal Training; this ball will be up for your fitness challenge! Gym Balls or

Exercise Balls are commonly used to help you enjoy and achieve your fitness

goals. While Gym Balls are most often used in physical therapy and athletic

training; they can also be used for weight training and standard exercise. Gym

Balls are most commonly used for: Gym Classes, Sporting Events, Spa

Retreats, Trade Shows, New Year Gifts, Fund Raisers, Corporate Gifts, and

Doctors Offices. Fitness and Health trends often include the use of Gym Balls at

Gyms and In-home workouts alike. This inexpensive fitness equipment is

conveniently sized to be transported with your customers and allows for quick

inflation when they need it. It’s durable and stable materials help them to

withstand a high amount of pressure making them a staple promotional item for

any marketing event in the fitness and wellness world.

5 Stress Ball: Stress relievers can provide a fun way to strengthen hands and

“warm-up” fingers before handwriting or typing activities. This improves fine

motor skill tasks. Not only does the Stress Ball make a fun gift, but it’s one of

many fidget toys that can help relieve stress, but they’re budget friendly! They

are also a great classroom tool. Quiet fidget toys that can help improve

concentration and focus, and lots of great office, and desk toys that relieve

stress and keep minds alert at work. They help to minds focused, and bodies

relaxed. Stress Relievers are a staple promotional item in most any industry and

are versatile enough to be a hit at most any event. They are most commonly

purchased for: Health Fairs, Fund Raisers, Classrooms, Office Teams, Physical

Therapy Offices, Hospitals, and Birthday Parties. Our handcrafted foam stress

balls are a fun and affordable way to promote your company, organization,

hospital, or school. While they are also helping everyone who receives one by

squeezing away the stress of everyday life; they also add a fun element to any

work environment; making them promotional must-have for any marketing

campaign. We offer hundreds of creative stress reliever shapes to meet the

needs of any promotional event!

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