Top 10 Promotional Products Marketing Trends for 2016 (Part III)

2016 Promotional Products Color Trends:

In 2016 we’ll see a welcoming blend of shades: Rose Quartz and
Serenity. The 

blending of such shades will bring a sense of comfort and
wellness to its items. 

This tranquil, yet powerful trend will lead to the
blending of a more gender 

neutral approach. The new color adaptions we’ll
see in 2016 will show a new 

side to promotional trends. The shades that are
being adapted offer new 

possibilities in art and creative direction; allowing
for a greater depth of visual 

appeal. This “color of the year” trend
is expected to challenge the views of color 

association in various

Opportunities for Traditional Promotional Products:

1 Custom Pens: Custom Pens will always be a promotional staple, but there 

is more to it than just that. Choose a Pen that your target audience 

will genuinely enjoy. If you’re a fun and upbeat company – maybe
choose a 

more fun color palette or possibly a character Pen. If your company is
a more 

conservative business – try a more modern, sleek Pen. In taking the time

choose what you think best represents your company, you’ve got a better 

chance at obtaining and retaining your target audience with use of your 

promos. Pens are used in absolutely any industry. Whether you’re signing
for a 

package or you’re writing a novel. Even in this modern day
“online” world; pens 

will never go out of style. Custom ballpoint
pens are the perfect tools to spread 

the word about your business. Simply have
your business name and logo 

printed on the items and you will instantly have
personalized ballpoint pens 

ready for your disposal! 

2  Custom T-Shirts: T-Shirt is a promotional must-have in any industry! It makes 

the perfect
give-a-way for any event. Give your customers their new favorite 

shirts for: Team Uniforms, Thank You Gifts, Company Meetings, Trade Shows, 

Fairs, Realtor Conventions, Fund Raisers, Corporate Gifts, and Grand 

Openings! Unite
your team and get ahead of the crowd with promotional 

apparel. Custom t-shirt is one of the most effective forms of generating 

impressions for your business!
With various styles of promotional t-shirts, hats

polos, and pants you’ll be
sure to find the perfect fit for your personalized 

design. Nothing is better or
more widely used to generate brand awareness 

than promotional apparel in
today’s cluttered marketing environment. 

3 Custom Tote Bags: Custom tote bags are a great way to show off your 

company brand or
logo while showing you care about the earth. With most tote 

bags being tear resistant
and water repellent, they make for great errand bags 

that customers love to
receive and utilize daily! Our eco-friendly, personalized 

tote bags can be used
anywhere! They are perfect for shopping at local grocery 

stores, markets,
restaurants, schools, fund raisers, health fairs, and book 

stores. Not only
will your customer keep you in mind; but they’ll also send a free 

shout out to
your company while shopping around! Who doesn’t love a little 

added advertisement? 

4 Promotional Notebooks

Memo books and notebooks are omnipresent in the 

lives of students and
professionals. It accounts substantially for the use of paper 

in the world. So
how about promotional notebooks as one of your promo items? 

There are hundreds
of styles, prices, print options, and features to choose from. 

There are many
versatile combos that include notebook with pen set that would 

be undoubtedly
well received by all parties! For students, custom notebooks 

may be used for
jotting down notes in school. For the busy executive, they can 

be used for
writing down important appointment details and tasks. 

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