Top 5 Restaurant Weeks in the Country

The popular event designated “Restaurant Week” originated in New York City as a lunch-only promotion in 1992.  

Now, cities across the nation (and even around the World) block out a few weeks to showcase their city’s finest dining and culinary establishments and destinations. During these events, restaurants offer prix fixe lunches and dinners (a full meal: appetizers + entree + dessert at a fixed price) and at a fraction of the original cost.

We’re highlighting some of the popular restaurant weeks in the US starting with the original in New York City:

1.) New York Restaurant Week is scheduled for both Winter & Summer.  You can book your lunch or dinner by neighborhood or cuisine:

2.) San Francisco’s “Dine About Town” will commence on June 1 and last until the 15th. Encompassing 49 square miles, this event continues to grow in the burgeoning region of the Bay Area: 

3.) Los Angeles’ “dineLA” is a 12 day event showcasing LA as a premier dining destination.  dineLA serves to highlight the diversity of culinary experiences the city of Angels has to offer:

4.) Although Chicago’s annual event takes place only once a year during the Winter, it continues to grow year after year.  With a record 301 restaurants participating in January-February earlier in 2014, this citywide celebration is a must for any local or visitor.

5.) Las Vegas Restaurant Week aims to give back to its community.  Participating restaurants create unique menus for breakfast, lunch, and dinner – selecting a donation for each meal sold ($4-$6) which goes towards ending hunger in the area.  This event runs both in the Spring and in the Fall seasons.

Whether you’re promoting your restaurant or you’re a foodie wanting to try something new – Restaurant Week is a wonderful opportunity for both parties!

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