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by Rina Dakanay

Traveling can both be fulfilling and stressful.  If you’re about to embark on your next adventure or if you’re browsing around for ideas on a new destination, we’ve gathered some of our favorite tips from packing the proper essentials on long flights to combatting jet lag through different time-zones.


To ensure fewer wrinkles on your clothes, and to take up less space in your luggage—roll them. 

Want to pack as many *varied* items in your carry-on or check-in?  Consider placing dirty shoes in a shower cap—so you can combine them with your other apparel items.  If you have a clean pair of sneakers, you can even insert a bottle of wine between the two sneakers (applies to check-in baggage only).

To avoid tangling your jewelry during transit, thread your necklaces through a straw.  Buttons are great for keeping your earrings together.

Essentials for Long Flights:

If you’ve got a long overnight flight, and you won’t be flying business or first class, pack the following essentials (we totally have your comfort and sanity in mind with these!).

Neck pillows – airlines do provide blankets and small pillows, but imagine falling asleep with a personal cloud wrapped around your neck (you can use the other items to cushion your back).

Earplugs – don’t settle for just any pair of earplugs, purchase construction worker grade earplugs; you never know if you’ll be stuck on a flight with crying babies or loud snoring passengers.

Baby wipes – freshen up with these during your flight; they can go a long way.

Chapstick/Moisturizer – in addition to keeping your body hydrated (very important!), bring chapstick and moisturizer to combat dry lips and skin.

Jet lag:

Jet lag can be a daunting enemy, especially when you’re flying on opposite sides of the globe and have no time to adjust – (fatigue can cost you a few days of travel if you’re not prepared).

British Airways’ Jet Lag Advisor is a great tool to seek out.  Click here for access and to be advised on adjusting your schedule and behaviors prior to your travels.

Additionally, get plenty of exercise the day before you travel.  Drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol while you travel, since dehydration can aggravate jet lag conditions.

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