Valentine’s Day, one of our favourite holidays, is just around the corner, and for this feature, we caught up with our Customer Care Manager, Rosy, to ask her how she shows her appreciation towards her loved ones.  With 6 years of AnyPromo experience, she suggests the best promo item for the person on the go.

What’s the most rewarding part of your role?

 “The most rewarding part is when a customer is happy about their experience or happy that the order was processed just as they thought the result would be. I love positive feedback from our customers; it reassures me we are doing our job right and well.”

 What are your favorite gifts to give and why?  What about Valentine’s Day?

 “Gift cards to a store I know the person likes or pictures. Gift cards because the person can purchase something they need or want, and pictures because they are meaningful, it reminds you of a certain place and time in your life.

For Valentine’s Day, I like to give my loved ones cards, handmade cards are the sweetest, or I bake goodies for them. I’m all about ‘it’s the thought that counts’; it’s the small things that matter most.

 What’s the most meaningful gift you’ve received and why?

 “The most meaningful gift I have received are my children, they mean the world to me and fill every aspect of my life with meaning and strength. I think children are the most precious gifts in life.”

 If you could choose one promo item to market yourself— which one would you choose? and why?

 “Item # 705022 – a mobile device charger. It’s perfect for a busy lifestyle, everyone loves their phone & tech items—they have become a necessity rather than an accessory.  This device helps to charge your phone anywhere!

How many times have you been stuck somewhere and your battery is dying and you need to accomplish something on our phone? This device will be your life saver!”

Rosy is pictured at the most recent PPAI Expo in Las Vegas, NV and her choice promo item, a battery portable charger.

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