Who will win Super Bowl LII? We’ve got the answer…

What are you doing on February 4, 2018? Get ready for the Super Bowl!!!

The biggest football event is around the corner, and boy do we have some predictions for you!

We’re using the most popular promotional items currently trending right now, so let’s have some fun!

Which football team/promotional item will win?

Of course, these NFL predictions were gathered by our hard-working football fanatics here at AnyPromo(no biased guesses were accepted in the process).

Although, the promotional items are all based on statistics. Our Silicone Cellphone Pocket Card Holder/Wallet has been owning the Top 100! We’re watching closely to see if it’ll stay as our #1 hot item. 🔥

Are you planning your own Super Bowl LII event?

Let us help you plan it by providing you the top promotional football products.

Top promotional football items you need

Small Football Stress Reliever #652344

What’s a Super Bowl event without a football?

Of course, you wouldn’t want to buy a lot of real footballs for your guests, so why not small football stress relievers.

This item is a huge hit with all football events. It’s the number one item football fans ask for when it comes to giveaway ideas.

Plus, it’ll help fans squeeze on something as the game is going.

Football Squeezie Keyring – Stress reliever #652383

Yes, it’s the same item as above, but it’s a keyring. This makes a difference!

Your guests can take these football stress relievers everywhere with them. Let them hang it on their bags or keys.

Make your event memorable with this promotional item.

Football Squeezie Top Pen #652525

You can never go wrong with pens! People are bound to use this outside of your event.

The day will come when they’re searching for a pen and see your custom pen in their bag.

Get pens for both teams. You can have guests select their favorite team as they go into your event!

Football Can Holder #638669

Sodas or beers, will your event have beverages?

We got you covered with Football Can Holders to keep drinks fresh and cold throughout the whole game.

These fun football can holders will make it seem as if you’re the quarterback ready to make the throw.

Football Bottle Opener #707683

Football shaped bottle opener.

Bottle openers are also a fun giveaway to giveaway.

We guarantee these will be popular for your guests to use at your event, but also, outside of your event.

Make your Super Bowl event fun with custom football bottle openers!


We have many custom football items, so don’t think these are our only options. You can represent your team or football in many fun ways!

Let us help you plan your Super Bowl event!

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